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Today in duh: People high on weed love McDonald's

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The movement to legalize marijuana continues to creep across the country like a cloud of smoke in a dorm room, though that buzz has been harshed somewhat by conflicts with alcohol distributors and a downtrend in pricing. But there’s one beneficiary who’s lovin’ it—McDonald’s has emerged as smokers’ preferred post-toke restaurant according to Uproxx, which cites a joint study by the Green Market Report and Consumer Research Around Cannabis. These two groups polled legal weed users in cities like Denver—where the Mile High jokes never get old—Las Vegas, Portland, and Sacramento to find out where their munchies lead them. And McDonald’s is the clear winner, nabbing 46.6 percent of legal cannabis customers in Denver, and 48.4 percent of that market share in Sacramento.

This survey is part of Green Market Report and Consumer Research Around Cannabis’ research into how legal weed is reshaping the economy. McDonald’s is the clear frontrunner in the race to feed folks between bong rips and Big Lebowski viewings; Taco Bell comes in a distance second with just 25.5 percent of users in Denver, and 17.9 percent in Washington D.C.


So does this mean that legit potheads love McNuggets? Not necessarily—the research groups point out that McDonald’s has a clear edge over other fast food chains like Wendy’s and Subway, which placed third and fifth in this competition, respectively. And that’s the fact that the Golden Arches are by now omnipresent in most big cities, with 14,000 locations in the U.S. alone. So presumably, hungry smokers end up at the nearest Mickey D’s rather than travel the extra mile or two to find some chili and a Frosty. But less than 10 percent of them on average want a sub with wilted lettuce, which just goes to show that marijuana doesn’t really impair you.

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