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Bestek camera bag (small), $17 with code CN2EIGRI
Bestek camera bag (large), $26 with code AHMWVEOA

The best camera is the one you have with you, and with the right bag, it’s a lot more likely that camera will be your DSLR. These inexpensive bags can each comfortably hold a body and lens, and the larger model includes additional pockets for more accessories, or even a laptop.

40-piece GoPro accessory kit, $9 with code NFQMMGTN


We see deals on third-party GoPro accessory kits all the time, but even by our standards, $9 is cheap. This set includes 40 different accessories, including harnesses, mounts, and even a floating bobber. This will also work with any other action cams with GoPro-compatible cases, including the Yi.

Suaoki air compressor, $19 with code 3KATT25P


While it’s certainly not as fast as the coin-operated air compressor at a gas station, this glove box-friendly compressor can save your bacon if you have to change a tire, or just can’t be bothered to find a bunch of quarters. One reviewer describes it as slighlty larger than two decks of playing cards, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding somewhere to hide it.

$1-$2 Dash Buttons with $5 credits


Dash buttons normally cost $5, but come with a $5 credit the first time you use them, which makes them effectively free. But for a limited time, a handful of buttons only cost $1-$2 up front, meaning you’ll be saving $3 on their associated products. That’s a deal you can take to the bank.

OxyLED OxySol motion spotlight, $12 with code OXYSL07F


We’ve seen these solar-powered spotlights on sale from a number of manufacturers over the last few years, but OxyLED’s take on the category includes not one, but two motion sensors, giving it a whopping 210 degrees of motion detection. That means it’ll turn itself on even if you’re approaching it from behind, giving you a ton of new mounting options.

Up to 40 percent off Western clothing, boots and more


Real. Comfortable. Jeans. Really. Marked. Down. Lasso some Western influence into your wardrobe with Amazon’s Gold Box full of Wrangler jeans, cowboy boots, and more. But this is a one-day-only thing, so don’t think about just moseying on over because these prices will be put out to pasture at the end of the day.

6-Pack Repel 100, $32


The high where I live today is 86, and not even March (sidebar: go to hell, Punxsutawney Phil), so you’d better believe it’s going to be a miserable mosquito season. Repel 100 is our readers’ favorite bug spray, and you can stock up with six bottles for $32, an all-time low.

Nerf Rival Atlas XVI-1200 Blaster, $28


Your coworkers and family members will cower in fear during your next Nerf gun fight when you pick up the Rival Atlas XVI-1200 Blaster for an all-time low $28. Rather than darts, this blaster shoots two “high impact” yellow balls at once at up to 80 feet per second. Good luck dodging that.

For the rest of today’s best deals, be sure to head over to Kinja Deals.


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