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Today’s best deals: Anker dash cam, stainless steel kitchen table, and more

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You’ll find a selection of the day’s best deals below, but for more, be sure to visit Kinja Deals.


LG 29-inch IPS 21:9 monitor, $227

There are wide-screen monitors, and then there are wide-screen monitors. This is the latter.

This 29-inch” LG Ultrawide features 2560x1080 resolution, and its IPS panel means that colors and viewing angles will both be stellar. $227 is the best price Amazon’s listed, so close out all of your other windows and focus on buying it.


Gaiam balance ball stool, $103


Sitting on a balance ball at work is a great way to strengthen your core and improve your posture without any significant time commitment. But on the other hand, it looks ridiculous.

That, I assume, is why Gaiam made the Balance Ball Stool, which is just a stool with a partial balance ball attached to the top. These are normally $129, but you can get one from Amazon today for $103 and have it delivered to your office by the end of the week.


Anker Roav dash cam, $68


Anker’s beginning its drive into the automotive accessory space with an affordable new dash cam, and you can race over to Amazon to snag one for $68, the best price we’ve seen since our exclusive (and short-lived) $64 launch deal.

I test-drove the Anker Roav dash cam, and you can see my full impressions here. But to give you the Cliff Notes version, it shoots at 1080p, its space-saving design makes it essentially invisible to the driver, and it even includes wi-fi to transfer clips to your phone, which is hard to find in a sub-$100 dash cam.


The last big deal on this thing only lasted a few hours, and we have little reason to expect this will be any different.

Trinity EcoStorage stainless steel table, $88


This stainless steel table is Amazon’s top seller in the “commercial worktables and workstations” category, but it wouldn’t look out of place in most home kitchens. In fact, I think it looks pretty darn nice, especially for an all-time low of $88.

Klymit Gold Box


Klymit pads are lightweight and inflate incredibly easy, so they’re ready to be packed into an overnight bag and hiked up a mountain. And right now, Amazon is running a Klymit sale full of really fantastic sleeping pads, pillows, and more. I have the Static V2 pad, and for $40, I’m kind of pissed I can’t return mine and grab it from Amazon.

Note: No, that’s not a giant Cheeto. It’s a sleeping bag.

The Grizzled, $14


Unlike most of the card and board games in your game cabinet, The Grizzled is cooperative, meaning everyone’s either going to win or lose together.

In The Grizzled, players are tasked with surviving the trenches of WWI until Armistice. The mission leader will decide the difficulty of each round as players try to avoid matching the identical symbols or environments on a card. Soldiers will also face other hardships during the war that add to the difficulty. If one of your friends falls in the trenches, your entire group fails. Play together. Survive together. Win together.


Amazon’s marked it down to an all-time low of $14, but it could sell out at any time, so don’t let the other buyers outflank you.

2-pack Nintendo Switch Joy-Con wheel, $10 with code REIPW5QX


Hardcore Mario Kart enthusiasts might shudder at the thought of using motion controls, but if you or your kids enjoy using the Joy-Con as a steering wheel, these inexpensive plastic housings add a little bit of realism to the experience.

For the rest of today’s best deals, be sure to head over to Kinja Deals.


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