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Tom Cruise pulls off a bunch of stunts in the Mission: Impossible—Fallout Super Bowl trailer

It’s finally time to get a glimpse at the action movie so exciting, people are smashing their own ankles just to be in the damn thing: Mission: Impossible—Fallout (formerly Mission: Impossible 6). The latest installment in the Tom Cruise-starring action franchise deployed its first full trailer during the Super Bowl today, assuring fans that—delays aside—all the usual roof-running, dangling-from-things action was still in place.

Starring Cruise, Ving Rhames, Rebecca Ferguson, and Simon Pegg, the trailer shows off a whole bunch of the increasingly outrageous stunts that this serious has become known for, including Cruise performing a deceptively simple leap across buildings, dangling from a helicopter, and crashing a bunch of vehicles.


Mission: Impossible—Fallout blows its way into theaters on July 27.

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