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Tom Hanks and HBO team up for miniseries about the Wright brothers

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Tom Hanks likes to tell stories about people overcoming seemingly unstoppable forces. In Band Of Brothers it was the Nazis. In Apollo 13 it was gravity. In From The Earth To The Moon it was gravity again. In Castaway it was tooth aches. In his Lewis & Clark miniseries it will be an inability to go west. Now, Hanks is producing another miniseries for HBO, and it will revolve around mankind’s battle against an entirely new unstoppable force: gravity.

As reported by Deadline, the project will be an adaptation of The Wright Brothers, a book by David McCullough about the pair of brothers who were the first to laugh in the face of God and prove that man could fly (for very short periods of time). McCullough has already worked with HBO two times in the past, having written the books that Truman and John Adams (which Hanks also produced) were based on. The Wright Brothers is just getting off the ground (ha), so Deadline doesn’t seem to have any indication of who will play Orville and Wilbur. Based on this photo of them, we’d say they should hire someone who has a mustache and someone who does not have a mustache.