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Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero are buddies again in the first real trailer for Best F(r)iends

It’s been 15 years since Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero made The Room together, a bizarre film (and bizarre experience) chronicled in Sestero and Tom Bissell’s book The Disaster Artist. Now—in the wake of James Franco’s well-received film adaptation of the book—the two are working together again, releasing a trailer today for their new movie Best F(r)iends.


The first half, anyway; as the trailer teases, Best F(r)iends is actually being released in two installments, which seems like exactly the sort of cinematic hubris you might expect from Wiseau. It’s hard to put the blame on him, though; according to the credits, he’s only acting, while Sestero wrote and produced. The plot seems to center on a drifter (Sestero) and a mortician (Wiseau) teaming up to stare lovingly at an ATM.

At the very least, director Justin MacGregor seems to understand that Wiseau’s endlessly off-putting vibe can be a potent tool for provoking discomfort, rather than unintentional laughs. Still, there’s not enough here to tell us whether this’ll be a more successful work than Wiseau’s last project, The Neighbors, or if its stream of random, noir-y images and odd line readings can amount to something more than just a new dose of nostalgia for Room fanatics.

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