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Trey Parker coaxing his 3-year-old daughter to swear is sort of heartwarming

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Even after 20 seasons, Trey Parker and Matt Stone still handle the vast majority of the voices on South Park. One exception to that, though, is Kyle Broflovski’s adopted Canadian brother, Ike, who, like all Canadians on the show, has a big, floppy two-part head, and, like all toddlers on the show, is voiced with incongruous realism by an actual toddler. Parker and Stone deliver their lines at a precise, staccato clip, making the juxtaposition with Ike’s realistic babble all the funnier.

This has been achieved consistently over two decades by cycling in different staff members’ kids to play him. Parker’s wife, Boogie, recently posted a video of her husband getting his 3-year-old daughter to deliver a couple typically profane lines.


It’s sort of heartwarming the way they work together on this, and much more fun than other jobs dads have enlisted their children for over the years, such as mowing the lawn outside of a Wendy’s. Here’s a follow-up video of the family geeking out about her performance:


The family that calls each other pussies together stays together, apparently. Here’s the full clip as it appeared on the show.

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