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About a year ago, former Apprentice contestant Summer Zervos came forward with an allegation that Donald Trump had sexually harassed her when she approached him looking for help getting a job shortly after her time on the show. She says he kissed her without permission, grabbed her breast, and “thrust his genitals” against her, and when she refused his advances, he offered her a low-paying job in his company and told her to never call him again. Trump dismissed the accusations and said that Zervos was an attention-seeking liar, and in January, she and attorney Gloria Allred announced a plan to sue Trump for defamation over the way he “knowingly, intentionally, and maliciously” denounced his accusers—including Zervos.

Now, BuzzFeed is reporting that Zervos subpoenaed Trump’s presidential campaign back in March, demanding any and all documents related to “any woman alleging that Donald J. Trump touched her inappropriately.” The goal is to get anything Trump or his campaign may have had on Zervos, while also obtaining any information collected about the many other women who have accused Trump of groping or harassing them over the years. Trump’s lawyers previously tried to suggest that the Constitution protects the president from civil suits and claimed that this subpoena was too broad, but his lawyers have until the end of this month to formally respond.


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