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This week, during an interview with Fox News in which Lou Dobbs somehow manged to keep brain matter from leaking out of his ears while he told Donald Trump that he’s “one of the most loved and respected” presidents in history, our beloved and respected commander-in-chief reiterated the totally stupid and pointless lie that he invented the term “fake news.” Trump said he’s “so proud” that he’s been able to convince people how fake the media is, claiming that “it has taken a nosedive” even though that doesn’t make any sense. Has the entire media taken a nosedive or is it just the “fake news” media that constantly “lies” about him? And what constitutes a nosedive? Whatever. Nothing matters anymore.

Earlier this month, Trump went so far as to claim that he had even invented the word “fake,” which was complete and utter nonsense, but it did seem like he could’ve been making a rare mistake and actually meant to say that he invented “fake news.” He’s wrong either way, though, as Merriam-Webster says the use of “fake news”—referring to a false report of some kind, not factual news that the president doesn’t like—dates back to at least 1890. That means Trump is definitely wrong about this, much like how he’s definitely wrong about everything else because he’s a bad person.


Also, for the record, Donald Trump is awful and nobody respects him.

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