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Turns out Jared Kushner does know how to fill out basic paperwork

(Photo:  Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images)
(Photo: Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images)

Most reports out of the White House these days are of the “dear god, no” variety, thanks to the president’s proclivity for casually posting threats against other hot-tempered world leaders on a social media platform. So sometimes the media find ourselves glomming onto a story that’s only kind of ridiculous, instead of flat-out terrifying. Which is how Jared Kushner’s voter registration became a topic of discussion this week. Well, that and the White House’s obsession with voter fraud.


Earlier this week, Wired did a Nexis search on Kushner’s voter registration, which was ostensibly run through the New York State Board of Elections records, and found that his gender was listed as “female” in the pertinent paperwork. And since Kushner had shown a decided lack of interest in properly filling out forms in the past, it stood to reason that he’d been similarly careless here. There’s also this entire administration’s history of dishonesty and lack of transparency to consider.

But as CNN reports, the Board of Elections has come forward to clarify that the mistake was made on its end, which is how the Nexis search turned up Kushner’s female voter registration. There’s been no response out of the White House on the matter, nor has Kushner or anyone weighed in on the small matter of his emails and the fact that he didn’t disclose the private account to the Senate when discussing possible election interference.


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