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Jared Kushner is registered to vote as a woman

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When Donald Trump won the presidential election despite having boasted about getting away with sexual assault and stoking white supremacist rage throughout his campaign, a lot of otherwise reasonable people searched for a silver lining in the white hood. They tried to reassure themselves that Trump wasn’t running the country solo, and then, when he handed out a top advisor gig to a white supremacist like Steve Bannon, suggested that the family members he’d appointed would have a moderating influence on him.

Of course, countering bigotry with a lil’ nepotism hasn’t really worked out, as the last eight months have amply demonstrated. But that might be because the family members he’s relying on for guidance are every bit as clueless—or pretend to be—as he is. Take Jared Kushner, who, despite being handed half the president’s responsibilities, is unable to properly fill out a security clearance form. We know, there’s a significant possibility that Kushner was just trying to get around owning up to his meetings with Russian representatives, but incompetence as a cover-up is starting to wear thin. Now Wired has more proof of Kushner’s inability to follow basic instructions—he’s registered to vote as a woman in the state of New York.


The publication did a public records search for Kushner’s voter registration, which seems to have his birth date and lack of party affiliation listed correctly, but not his gender. It’s a simple enough mistake, and when you consider what else he has in common with the 53 percent of white women voters who helped elect his-father-in-law, it even kind of makes sense. But it adds another tile to the mosaic of ineptitude that is the Trump administration—or, since the word “mosaic” is probably a little too foreign for the president, then the patchwork quilt of pinheadery.

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