Amy Heckerling directs Alicia Silverstone in a comedy about a young rich girl whose chief concerns are boys, parties, and her best friends—and if that sounds a bit recycled or stale, how about some vampires? This miniature Clueless reunion, which also ropes in Wallace Shawn as a vampire-hunting Van Helsing descendant, definitely aims to recall that film's bubbling teenaged energy and sense of very gently mocking satire, but as this trailer suggests, it's first and foremost about the vampire gags. Silverstone and roommate Krysten Ritter deal with undead girl stuff like fang whitening and "coffin hair" while looking for love and blood, with Ritter finding both in Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens—much to Shawn's chagrin. Justin Kirk, Richard Lewis, Malcolm McDowell, Kristen Johnston, and Sigourney Weaver pop up for support, as do a lot of the sort of spoofy bloodsucker jokes that have been kicking around since Dracula: Dead And Loving It. Still, maybe it's possible Vamps will survive its brief walk in the day in limited theatrical release and, like Clueless, find new night life as a slumber party DVD?