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Vinny from Jersey Shore knows more about climate change than the president

He’s spent a lot of time on the beach, which is a good start. (Photo: Frederic Nebinger/Getty Images)

Vinny, for those of us who never watched Jersey Shore, was the “nice guy” of the Shore House, a political science major with a 3.9 GPA who “followed the others’ lead when it came to the ladies on the shore and also managed to avoid most (not all) of the arguing and fighting,” according to a surprisingly detailed entry on the Jersey Shore Wiki. (There really is a Wiki for everything.) It was presumably in this spirit that Vinny, a.k.a. Vincent Guadagnino, took it upon himself to pull aside fellow reality-TV star Donald Trump on Twitter and explain to him that he was making an ass not only of himself, but the United States of America in general, with his utter lack of understanding of how climate change works:


Indeed, as Guadagnino points out, climate change is some complex shit that can’t be boiled down to, “if the planet is getting warmer, then how come it’s SNOWING OUT, HUH SMART GUY?!” Even those who doubt whether global warming is real at all acknowledge that it’s embarrassingly reductive and foolish to conflate an isolated weather event with a global phenomenon, as pointed out in Scientific American’s polite answer to a Montana resident with a similar query.

That’s one of the reasons why “climate change” has come to replace the more specific “global warming” in the popular lexicon in the first place, a PR Hail Mary to combat kneejerk idiocy from anti-intellectual troglodytes like (sigh) the 45th President of the United States of America who don’t know the difference between “climate” and “weather.” Trump doesn’t seem to have gotten that memo, however, like so many others. With that in mind, a hard-partying political science student with a reputation for honesty who actually fucking knows how climate change works sounds downright refreshing in today’s political environment. Ever considered a run for office, Vinny? We’re kind of desperate here...

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