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Watch this little girl utterly charm the Ghostbusters

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Lindalee Rose may only be an elementary school-aged kid, but she’s already established a solid career as a celebrity interviewer with her own YouTube channel. Because she’s so young, she frequently gets people to open up more than they would during a traditional red carpet interview. And she put her skills to good use at the premiere of the new Ghostbusters. During the five-minute video, she gets Melissa McCarthy to teach her a secret handshake, makes Leslie Jones laugh, and sings the “Ghostbusters” theme song with Ray Parker Jr.

But as with the film itself, Kate McKinnon once again steals the show. In fact her segment is so delightful that Rose’s YouTube channel released it as its own video. McKinnon is obviously instantly charmed by Rose and even more delighted to get to answer a question about working with science and technology in the film. “When I was your age I used to take apart VCRs and radios and stuff,” Kate McKinnon explains. “So it was so cool to be [on set] around all that stuff I used to love when I was a kid.

It’s safe to say that whatever childhoods the new Ghostbusters may have ruined, Rose’s is doing just fine.