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We break down Broken Age, and a vile British condiment breaks us

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The Digest returns! It’s the first show in our Chicago studio, and I’m joined by a critic making his debut appearance on The Digest, Ryan Smith. He’s a Gameological contributor (who recently contributed a profile of Scarlett, the transgender “foreign hope” of the pro StarCraft world), and he’s also the senior editor over at Red Bull eSports. In this installment, Ryan and I discuss Broken Age—or at least the first act thereof.

We also consume British foodstuffs sent to us by a reader, Ed Boucher. Sorry that it took so long to get around to eating these, Ed! Except I’m not that sorry, because Ed sent us some revolting stuff, most notably the Marmite we taste in this episode. I had heard of the infamous Marmite—the “yeast extract” topping that some Brits like to spread on their toast, apparently—but I had never tasted it myself. And as you’ll see (unless for some reason you want to skip past all the gagging and choking), I dive right in with a healthy dollop of the vile concoction. This is the first time I can recall a foodstuff having an effect that lasted throughout the rest of the taping: If I seem a bit disheveled, it’s because I was honestly trying not to throw up as I was buffeted by waves of nausea and aftertaste. I think Ryan and I had a good conversation about Broken Age, but my memory of the taping mostly goes like this: “Whew. The taste is finally gone. Oh God, no, there it is again. Breathe. Breathe.” And so on.


Never again.

I know we have some Brits and Australians in the Gameological commentariat. Is there anybody out there who likes Marmite? Is it actually good in other contexts? (I know you’re not really supposed to eat it straight—but maybe some diehards do?)

Ed also sent us a bottle of Scotland’s own Irn-Bru soda, which you can see Ryan and me drinking in an attempt to cleanse our palates. It wasn’t too bad! I mean, in context, it was the most delicious thing I had ever tasted in my life. But objectively, it seems like a decent soda, with a bit of citrus and an inoffensive bubble gum taste.

Ryan and I will be back tomorrow with more snacks and another game—Octodad: Dadliest Catch.