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Weekend Box Office: The only real loser was misogyny

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Here’s the good news for people who love movies but hate women: Fury Road, that awesome extended car chase you’re pointlessly boycotting, ended up eating the dust of a different sequel. The bad news? That sequel was also about ladies kicking ass, albeit in a less violent arena. Also, it was written and directed by women. Tough weekend to be a misogynist who keeps up on box-office results.


Yes, the fourth Mad Max film fell to the second Pitch Perfect film, finishing in second place with $44 million. To be fair, that’s perfectly solid for an R-rated entry in a series that’s been dormant for three decades; globally, the film has already made back its $100 million budget (marketing costs not included). But for those who want to see more action movies with practical effects, more blockbusters with self-contained stories, and more visionaries like George Miller handed the keys to the castle, that opening isn’t entirely encouraging. Given the choice between bankrolling another glorious passion project like this and investing in the building of more surefire mega-franchises, most studios are probably going to take the latter, safer route. (Prove me wrong, Hollywood.)

Like its singing heroines, the Pitch Perfect series has gone from underdog to triumphant victor. The $70.3 million the sequel took home this weekend is more than the original grossed in its entire run—a leap in patronage many are attributing to nonstop cable airings of said first film. There are worse omens for the industry than a bubbly ensemble musical-comedy doing spectacular business. And it’s heartening to see a film with so much female talent, behind and in front of the camera, score a win in the testosterone-fueled summer movie season—even if this fluffy sequel beat out what may end up looking like the most feminist blockbuster of the summer. You know, the one where Charlize Theron tears a sexist pig’s face off.

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