With the rising proliferation of information and connectedness, the suspension of disbelief that once ensured we didn’t overthink the irrelevant aspects of entertainment is slowly dissipating. Once upon a time, we gladly accepted the ludicrous science of a fantastic film like Face/Off, our second favorite film of 1997. Were it released today, it’d be buried beneath a thousand Reddit threads, each beginning with the word, “Actually...”

At first, this new video from Cracked feels like one of those arguments. By showing how the methodology behind the creation of dinosaurs in Jurassic Park is inherently flawed, the video could very easily have functioned as nothing more than a spear in the side of that sacred cow of cinema, one that would no doubt fill its comment threads up with trolls and fanboys alike.

Instead, it shows how these inconsistencies in the science—DNA has a half-life, for example; also, no mosquito would’ve bit just one species of dinosaur—actually allow for a different reading of the film. It’s a more meta interpretation, one that acknowledges the artificial lens through which humans actually would be looking were they to try and create beasts with which they never lived. It also allows for a more untrustworthy depiction of park creator John Hammond, who isn’t nearly as cuddly in the books as Richard Attenborough makes him out to be.

Now, how about some soothing music as you think it all over? We have the perfect song.