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Welcome to hell: Shaggy updates "It Wasn't Me" for the post-Trump era

The internet is full of pandering, anti-Trump “comedy,” videos featuring dime-a-dozen, wig-wearing jokesters firing off squinty-eyed impressions and one-liners about, like, kissing Putin, or something. But for too long, none of those videos have ever featured turn-of-the-millennium, lite-reggae hitmaker Shaggy, performing his 2000 ode to fuckin’-around-and-gettin’-away-with-it “It Wasn’t Me.”

That ends today. In collaboration with James Corden, Shaggy has updated the lilting, island vibes of his second-greatest hit to detail the president’s mounting charges of criminality. Corden plays Robert Mueller, barging in on Shaggy Trump as he packs his suitcases, dodges claims of Russian collusion, gets spanked by a woman ostensibly portraying Stormy Daniels, fires James Comey, eats a cheeseburger, and I am so tired, so deeply, deeply tired, worn on the inside and out. Sometimes I stand in the shower, water beating down on my head, until the heat runs out and the water grows cold and I am lulled into a stupor by the monotone of the water hitting the plastic floor.

At one point, Shaggy Trump’s pants catch on fire.

This appearance is ostensibly a promotion for Shaggy’s upcoming Netflix film Game Over, Man!, which comes out March 23. While the above video leaves very few stones unturned in lowest-common-denominator Trump humor, we can still hold out hope that he finds a way to update “Boombastic” to be about, like, Sean Spicer or something. Hell, Sean Spicer would probably show up for that.

Clayton Purdom is a writer and editor based in Columbus, Ohio.

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