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Well played, fast food social media: KFC's Twitter account only follows 11 Herbs and Spice Girls

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Truly, we’re now living in the golden age of the fast food social media utopia, a magical wonderland where Wendy’s hands out sick burns and free nuggets daily, and some mad Twitter genius at KFC has just pulled off one of the most hilariously subtle online gags in corporate chicken history.

The joke in question was spotted by Twitter user Mike Edgette, who noticed something strange about the main U.S. KFC account: It was only following 11 people. (For comparison, McDonald’s follows some 14,000.) A few clicks and a little extra research proceeded to produce this, maybe the most important fast-food-social-media-based tweet of all time:


And, lest you think Edgette is just making this stuff up, it’s all there, plain to see on the company’s Twitter page, right under a picture of one of its billions of Colonels Sanders: All five Spice Girls, and six verified accounts from Herb Alpert and five other guys named Herb.

Well played, anonymous KFC social media person. Well played, Edgette. Well played, human race.


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