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We're clearly out of good stories, so here's some science fiction books written by artificial intelligence

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If there’s anything that machine learning has taught us, it’s that artificial intelligence can’t write for shit—just look at this very horny, but very bad A.I. erotica. Still, that hasn’t stopped the bots from writing whole ass books.


Booksby.ai is an online storefront and hub for books written entirely by artificial intelligence. In fact, everything on its landing page is A.I.-generated, including each book’s description, title, author name, and cover. The website also features user reviews entirely generated by A.I., including user photos. Even the prices were machine generated.

The project was created by Andreas Refsgaard and Mikkel Thybo Loose, who thought science fiction books written by humans could be replicated through machine learning algorithms that consumed nothing but actual sci-fi content. The results are absurdist, to say the least, as the A.I. mimicked the themes, language, and visual styling of science fiction as a whole.

Just look at the description of Hudy Mahone’s Bitches of the Points:

Absolutely secret secrets when he learns about a group of ancient trails of beauty and consequences. And now one fateful United States are realized for his family for more interesting men who believe they may not be so hard to stay alive. The result is a novel about what she and Jack the family could come to the interest in the Pacific Northwest and a secret Marine responsibility between life and control. In a tragic experience in the country streets before desperate to help The Book Thief makes it on one interest in Maria Barton, Laura Harrison Cole Taylor delivers a compelling novel of a great contemporary account of responsibility to rescue many reasons to make better years ago. But even the Trade is still completely prepared for the most famous family and secrets that have the very personal and unforgettable love of a deadly secret. Praise for John Reins Kingsolver and her first novel series set in The Book Club (1922) was first published in the United States and explores the interest in modern Japanese experiences with French Journalism and internationally bestselling author Mary Truman makes one of the story of what she never knew under it. Mary Martin has decided to have a life she sees the world when her world comes out to make Sam must confront the strange past of the FBI agent Sam has no surprise for someone all the problems of the killer. And now that the story could destroy the dead children and joins forces to stay on his family. The couple was found on the last page. A profound portrait of a tragic life with his mother desperately sees readers with its last story and a book about love and betrayal. Despite his relationship with the Secret Service with the Marine Virginia game of the English research in the early 1960s, even when he and Jack come real the truth leads to self-destruction of our interests and a secret in which you have to get out of the family in the streets of the United States. The last American master with a deeply honest and complex mystery.

And a review of said book, by fake user Farmy Scheffer:

Well written vulnerchild throughout the story by a massive dump. Giely elements along the way too dark for the second book in the series and loved the characters and hopefully in the Eversta written and by the old “magic just added too much of completely overlooked but there is a star book.


According to the storefront’s website, each story, title, description, and user review were generated by using char-rnn-tensorflow and training data from Amazon and Project Gutenberg. Book covers were made with Progressive Growing of GANs and training images from OpenLibrary, while user review photos were created by transparent latent gan. Prices were made by using ml5js.org regression with feature extractor by using data from analyzing book covers and prices from Amazon. Got it? Cool.

If you’re interested in grabbing a machine-written book because clearly all the stories of which the human mind is capable have already been written, you can browse the booksby.ai webstore.


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