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We're giving away a bunch of free stuff on Election Day

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We’ve been talking about Election Day a lot around A.V. Club HQ, headquartered in the city of “vote early, vote often.” Although we definitely do not condone voter fraud, we do hope that our U.S. readers will do their part to hang on to the vestiges of democracy and head out to your polling place (if you haven’t already voted). And so, for one day only (because you only have until this evening to preserve and maybe even in some small way restore those last, tattered remnants of the Great American Experiment), we’re offering up a little encouragement.


Here’s how this works: Send a picture of your voting receipt/sticker/whatever to avcontests@theonion.com with the the subject line I voted!, and, because we’re trying to spread some optimism today, tell us what pop culture reminds you of the goodness of humanity. The five best answers will receive some of the sweet sweet swag that publishers, distributors, and HBO clog our mailboxes with. (Please note: Last year’s swag roundup included a Samurai Jack letter opener, so temper your expectations accordingly. We can promise that there are no cow eyeballs, which is a real thing that somebody sent us in 2016.)

If you voted early or by mail, that’s cool, too! This isn’t open to just procrastinators. Also, because we would like to stay on the right side of federal law, this is open to non-voters as well—send us a picture of your cat or something, and answer the same question—and we promise it will not affect your chances of winning. Five winners will get something from our swag shelf: Possibilities this year include a calendar of baby animals in sweaters, a box of Game Of Thrones promotional swag, a paint set promoting NatGeo’s show Genius: Picasso, and a very nice green scarf promoting Psych. We pick what you get, sorry.

You have until 10 a.m. Central on Wednesday, November 7, to send us your pictures, and we’ll notify winners by the end of the day on Friday, November 9. In addition to these rules, our standard contest rules apply. Happy Election Day!