Now that everyone hates X-Men: The Last Stand director Brett Ratner (it's official, even on his official website), let's take a closer look at how the movie was written. Basically, the Internet did it. That's right, after having totally rewritten the script for Snakes On A Plane, as well as burying it under a mountain of irony-fueled hype, The Internet decided to write some of X-Men: The Last Stand. Either that, or Brett Ratner just decided to rip off/pay tribute/steal a line from an X-Men parody video made by a 21-year-old college kid. Here's the original Juggernaut YouTube clip.

And here's the movie version.

Bitchin. When I saw X-Men over the weekend, everyone in the theater (except me) laughed when Juggernaut said that line, which proves one of three things: 1. Cockney accent + "Bitch" = hilarious 2. Sometimes recognizing something from the Internet in a public place leads to a nervous reaction (i.e. laughter) or 3. We should let 21-year-old viral video enthusiasts write every movie. I can't wait to do this exact same YouTube to big screen analysis 250 times for every other line in Snakes On A Plane.