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World War Z

With the first trailer for World War Z burying complaints about departing from Max Brooks’ novel under a tidal wave of zombies, the second trailer can get down to filling in the blanks on who those zombies are and why they’re zombie-ing. Though actually, there’s still not much explanation here—just hints of some sort of CIA cover-up, and somehow it all comes back to Russia, like we always knew it would. But we now know a little more about why Brad Pitt doesn’t want to see his family killed by zombies (Then they wouldn’t get to have pancakes together!), and we learn that these zombies will be absolutely everywhere—even somehow getting on a plane, when some of us get secondary searched just for carrying a water bottle. Also, as this new poster promises, there will be a whole lot of scenes involving zombies versus helicopters—so many, in fact, they probably could have called this Zombies Vs. Helicopter, or maybe Zombie Chopper. (But then, that wouldn’t have the built-in brand recognition.)


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