Photo: Getty Images, Randy Holmes

The new album from The War On Drugs, A Deeper Understanding, will be available in just a few days, but people in 2017 are all about instant gratification. We don’t want our new albums in a few days, we want them now. The War On Drugs seems to be aware of this, and while it’s not releasing its album any earlier, it is hosting a stream of the whole thing on its website. You’ll have to act relatively fast, though, because the stream will only last for a period of 24 hours. Unfortunately, there’s no ticking clock on the page or clear indication of when the countdown started, so you should probably just head to the band’s website and stream the album as many times as you can before the stream disappears and you actually have to buy it.

Here’s one track, which you can listen to without having to go anywhere:

[via Stereogum]