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You don’t have to keep dancing on your own—Robyn has a new album coming out

Call your girlfriend, because Robyn’s planning to release a new album “some time” in 2018. Pitchfork picked up a days-old tweet, which the Body Talk artist sent in a response to a fan who tried to get cute about release dates.


Whenever it drops, Robyn’s new album will be her first since 2010, when the Swedish pop star released the final part of Body Talk, a strong closer to her dance-pop trilogy. But Robyn hasn’t been completely out of the game these last eight years—in addition to the occasional (albeit short) tour, she sang on Neneh Cherry’s “Out Of The Black,” and in 2015, released an EP in honor of her late collaborator, Christian Falk. Her new song “Honey”—whose title she’s almost certainly referencing in her tweet—was featured on the final season of Girls.

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