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24: Live Another Day teaser asks who you would call to save London, if it had to be an American

London is in chaos. Cars on fire, smoke billowing, people panicking. Who do you call to save the day?

Okay, but what if Doctor Who was busy?

No, not Sherlock either. Or James Bond. Let's just say he can't be English.

London is in chaos, no one in England can save the day, it has to be someone from America.


Because it just does. Just humor me.

Terrorists strike, and someone—not from England, or elsewhere in the UK, also not Batman—has to save the day. Who's the one person, besides all those other people, you want on your side? And did I mention he has to do it all in one day?

Jack Bauer. Yes. Finally. Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) is back in 24: Live Another Day. In this quick teaser that first aired during the Super Bowl, we get a glimpse of London in flames, and Jack protecting his only surviving colleague, Chloe O'Brien (Mary Lynn Rajskub), firing a gun, and doing what he does bes: yelling.

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