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50 Cent joins the throwing things at concerts challenge

A viral video shows the rapper throwing a mic into the crowd, while a set of photos purportedly show a radio DJ with a head wound

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
50 Cent displaying the correct way to give the audience the mic
50 Cent displaying the correct way to give the audience the mic
Photo: Jeff Hahne (Getty Images)

In yet another example of people throwing things at concerts, rapper 50 Cent is facing potential legal troubles after he twice threw a microphone from the stage of L.A.’s Crypto.com Arena last night. Unfortunately, a Power 106 radio host was in the microphone’s trajectory. She was reportedly struck in the head and required stitches.

Surprisingly, 50 Cent’s actions did not result from an unruly crowd tossing drinks at the rapper like he was a member of Guns N’ Roses. Video of the incident seemingly confirms that a malfunctioning microphone irritated 50 Cent to the point of becoming a suspect in a criminal battery case. Per TMZ, 50 Cent’s lawyers deny the assertion that their client “would never intentionally strike anyone with a microphone.” However, the victim, Power 106’s Bryhana Monegain, reportedly told police that the rapper looked directly at her when throwing the microphone. However, the LAPD could not confirm that a police report was filed, nor did they respond to an incident at the Crypto.com arena last night.


While the circumstances surrounding the police report should be taken with a grain of salt until more information comes out, the video doesn’t lie. 50 Cent is clearly participating in the throwing things at concerts challenge sweeping the world as concertgoers return to the road to show how out of practice with manners they have become. In the past few months, Pink got hit with someone’s mother’s ashes, Bebe Rexha got hit with a cell phone because a fan “thought it would be funny,” and poor Harry Styles was hit in the eye with a projectile in Vienna. More recently, Cardi B was under investigation for a similar incident after a fan hit her with a drink on stage. (Those charges were later dropped.) In 2022, a longtime advocate of throwing microphones at concertgoers, Axl Rose, vowed to abandon the social challenge after injuring a fan.