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A fifth woman has accused Danny Masterson of rape

(Photo: Getty Images for Netflix, Anna Webber)

As reported by Vulture, actress Bobette Riales has accused Danny Masterson of rape, making her the fifth woman to do so. Riales used to date Masterson, and she claims that he raped her “repeatedly” in a brief post on Twitter. She also said that she “stayed quiet long enough” and that she wants “to prevent this from ever happening to anyone else.” She also tagged previous Masterson accuser Chrissie Bixler, adding “I applaud her strength as well.”

This comes a little over a month after an LAPD investigation into the rape claims against Masterson “inexplicably stalled,” with some theorizing that the Church Of Scientology—of which he is a member—has been covering for him. Netflix eventually did fire him from his streaming show The Ranch, though, with that move coming a month after the allegations resurfaced and about a day after a now-fired Netflix executive personally told one of the accusers that the streaming service didn’t believe the allegations.

Vulture also points out that Masterson has yet to comment on this accusation, though he has denied all of the others.

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