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A good doctor and Shondaland lawyers: Here are the trailers for ABC’s new shows

The Good Doctor (Photo: ABC Press)
The Good Doctor (Photo: ABC Press)

In honor of its upfront presentation today, ABC just dropped a slew of new trailers for its upcoming shows. We’ve already tackled the first look at Inhumans and the latest from Zach Braff, and here we’ve got a look at the rest of the slate.

First up: Freddie Highmore’s The Good Doctor from House creator David Shore, which takes the former show’s familiar formula and gives it an inspirational twist by making the lead a high-function savant with autism. Richard Schiff co-stars, doing his best Toby-from-The-West-Wing as Highmore’s table-pounding advocate, protecting him from prejudiced doctors who want to stop him from practicing his gifts.

The only fall comedy addition is The Mayor, about an 27-year-old rapper who runs for office as a PR move. But given that he actually cares about his community, he ends up beating David Spade and winning the race. Yvette Nicole Brown co-stars as the reluctant politician’s mom.

The Gospel Of Kevin, a quirky-looking religious dramedy, will air after The Mayor on Tuesdays. Jason Ritter plays a jerk, who, after touching a mysterious meteor-type object, discovers he’s one of the “36 people who stand for all the righteous souls in the world“ and thus must actually do good things.

Ten Days In The Valley follows Kyra Sedgwick—only police adjacent, for once—as a TV writer whose daughter is kidnapped, forcing to contend with all the backstabbing assistants, menacing cops, and shitheel ex-husbands in her life as she searches for her little girl.



Deception takes the crown for silliest premise, imagining that a David Blaine-type celebrity magician starts working for the FBI. Ta da?

For The People—the latest project to arrive via the Shondaland content conveyor belt—demands the question: How have we not yet had a show that was just Grey’s Anatomy, but with lawyers? The series stars Ben Rappaport, Susannah Flood, and Wesam Keesh as young attorneys battling it out as prosecutors and public defenders in one of New York’s most high-profile courts. As per Shondaland house style, dramatic speeches, verbal barbs, and hastily discarded clothes all fly in equal measure. For what it’s worth, For The People will arrive midseason with the newly announced Grey’s Anatomy spinoff, which is actually just Grey’s Anatomy with firefighters.

The Crossing looks to be by far the highest concept offering from the network, and you know that because the trailer references Lost. But aside from that it presents the convoluted premise that finds a group of survivors from a war taking place in the future arriving on a shore in Washington. Plus, superpowers are somehow involved.

Marking Jenna Fischer’s return to the world of network TV, Splitting Up Together stars her and Oliver Hudson as a married couple who decide to continue living together despite getting a divorce. Although the eventual arc of this dissolution seems pretty obvious from an outside view, the trailer does get bonus points for Fischer saying “fuck” when her husband’s new lady friend comes calling in their backyard.

And if you’ve made it through all of that, here’s a delightful Roseanne clip reel to get you ready for its return.