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A limited series about Ronald Reagan is coming to USA

(Photo: Getty Images, Michael Evans/The White House)

The disaster that is Donald Trump’s presidency might (hopefully) be souring people on the Republican Party and its well-known penchant for fucking everything up, but the USA Network is now putting together a miniseries that will look back on the good days when the GOP was still riding high and Ronald Reagan was in office, eating jelly beans and ignoring the AIDS crisis. This comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which says the show will touch on Reagan’s “early days,” including his “days as a lifeguard” (the most iconic part of his story) as well as his “time in Hollywood” and “victories and failures as a president.” All of this will illustrate “what made him an American paragon, beloved husband, and complex father.”

If you’re wondering how in-depth the untitled show will get with Reagan’s aforementioned failures, it’s probably worth noting that it’s being made with the cooperation of his daughter, Patti Davis. Plus, it’s being written by Empire veteran David Rambo, who apparently once wrote a one-man show about Reagan called The Lifeguard. That’s not to say that they definitely won’t be critical of the man, but it does seem unlikely.


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