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ABC buys “millennials vs. baby boomers” comedy from The To Do List writer

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In an effort to increase intergenerational understanding and hopefully have someone explain what a Snapchat is, ABC has ordered a “millennial comedy” from The To Do List writer Maggie Carey. ABC has given a script commitment to the series, which Carey will write and executive produce.

Called The Big Hole, the show will focus on the generation gap between an “entitled millennial and her baby boomer boss at a failing PBS station in Big Hole, Montana.” This premise will presumably lead to all sorts of productive discussions, like how Woodstock was basically the most important thing that ever happened and that it would be much easier to have a discussion with you if you weren’t staring at your phone all the time, young lady. However these conversations go, there will be one thing on which aging hippies who have become the Man they used to rail against and spoiled brats who need constant positive reinforcement or they wither like sickly flowers can agree: at least it’s not a remake.