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AC/DC’s Brian Johnson recently performed live for the first time in nearly 2 years

(Photo: Getty Images, Kevin Winter)

In early 2016, AC/DC worried fans of rock (and those about to rock) when it announced that Brian Johnson had to step away from the band after doctors warned that he would suffer “total hearing loss” if he didn’t immediately stop touring. AC/DC later replaced Johnson with Axl Rose for the remainder of its tour, and while that was certainly interesting, it wasn’t quite the same. Over the weekend, though, Johnson apparently decided to ignore the concerns of his doctors and performed live anyway, joining Muse onstage at the Reading Festival for a rendition of “Back In Black.”

This comes from Rolling Stone, which says that it’s “unclear” what this means for the future of AC/DC—as in whether or not this signifies that he might rejoin the band on tour someday—but that seems unlikely unless he really has no interest in retaining the ability to hear.

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