As more and more actresses, former employees, and other women continue to come forward with stories of Harvey Weinstein’s decades-long history of harassment, unwanted advances, and outright sexual assault; as those who have worked with Weinstein unite to banish him from the industry and openly condemn his behavior; and as every waking moment is now filled with the sordid details of a life spent exploiting his power to become one of Hollywood’s most notorious and unapologetic sexual predators, there is surely one burning question still unanswered: Hey, how’s Harvey? Is he okay?

“I’m not doing okay,” Weinstein said yesterday in a video obtained by TMZ, addressing the group of paparazzi assembled outside his daughter’s home. “I’m trying. I gotta get help, guys. You know what? We all make mistakes. Second chance, I hope, okay?”

Okay! Weinstein had been at his daughter’s house that afternoon when police responded to a 911 call, reportedly because he was said to be “suicidal and depressed.” But it was a noticeably more casual form of soul sickness that Weinstein displayed in TMZ’s video, where he shrugged that hey, we all make mistakes. Every single day, people get into fender benders because they were texting while driving, or they get regrettable tattoos, or they force themselves repeatedly on dozens of young women across decades. Pobody’s nerfect!

Fortunately, Weinstein will be able to confront his little slip-up of being a serial rapist by taking a private jet to an Arizona rehab facility, where he’ll take serious stock of the way accidents happen. One of these days he’s gotta get organiz-ized and stop coercing women into having sex with him.

As he was leaving, Weinstein also made sure to put things into perspective, reminding the loose assemblage of tabloid photographers that he’s pretty decent, considering, seeing as he’s always let them stoke his ego and give credence to his aura of power. “You know what? I’ve always been loyal to you guys, not like those fucking pricks who treat you like shit. I’ve been the good guy,” he added, not like those other high-and-mighty stars with their haughty opinions about TMZ and not raping.

Weinstein’s statement comes amid a growing list of “mistakes” that now involves nearly 30 women.