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Alec Baldwin is working on a talk show for ABC

(Photo: Getty Images, Theo Wargo)

Alec Baldwin hasn’t been popping up every week on Saturday Night Live this season, but it still feels like he’s on TV pretty regularly. For anyone who still thinks he should be on TV more often, though, ABC is working with Baldwin to develop a new talk show based on his WNYC radio show and podcast Here’s The Thing With Alec Baldwin. That comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which says Baldwin hasn’t actually finalized a deal, but he has been working with the network for weeks to settle the details.

THR says that any details beyond those scraps “remain scarce,” including—perhaps most crucially—where this show might fit on ABC’s schedule. It already has a popular late-night show with Jimmy Kimmel Live! and multiple daytime shows like The View and The Chew (not to mention Good Morning America), but Alec Baldwin seems a little too famous to be dumped in the afternoons like some kind of Harry Connick Jr. or Dr. Oz. Who knows, maybe ABC will give him the same deal he has with SNL, and he’ll just be able to stop by whenever he wants.


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