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All Gas No Brakes takes a detour into Bigfoot hunting country

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All Gas No Brakes has spent a lot of time tirelessly covering the most bizarre and ugly subcultures in modern America: the Proud Boys, COVID-era Fourth Of July parties, flat-Earther expos, porn conventions, motorcycle rallies, etc.


Considering all that host Andrew Callaghan and his crew have endured during this year, they absolutely deserve a relaxing break to explore nature. Thankfully, they found an opportunity, as shown in a new video about going Bigfoot hunting in Minnesota.

Callaghan says he “was beginning to lose my mind” documenting everything his channel’s tackled over the year and decided to take “my camper van as far north as I could,” ending up in Minnesota Bigfoot country. He interviews teenage residents eager to tell him their favorite rappers and talks to a bar filled with people who tell him that the Sasquatch isn’t real. “I do believe in Swamp Ape, but not necessarily Bigfoot,” one guy explains.

“It’s a mockery of a small town, making it into something to make money,” a woman credited as “Local Liberal” tells Callaghan. “I mean, we’re on the border of a reservation and, all of a sudden, now we’ve got Bigfoot. Cool.”

Callaghan does manage to find the true believers eventually. There’s a motel owner who heard a Bigfoot sneeze in the past, people who spotted it in the woods, and, goddamnit, a woman wearing a “Bigfoot Lives Matter” t-shirt. Eventually, Callaghan links up with the Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team and they take him out on a night-time hunt for a firsthand education. We learn how to attract Bigfoot using urine from menstruating great apes, that there “are over 50,000" Bigfootses in the continental United States, and that there aren’t any on Hawaii because it “wasn’t a part of Pangea when all the continents were together.”

Callaghan doesn’t get to see a Bigfoot, though his guides swear they witnessed “a Class A” specimen when he wasn’t looking. Hopefully, with help from this video, you’ll be armed with the knowledge you need to find your very own ‘Squatch.


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