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Amazon confirms Jeffrey Tambor is out at Transparent

Photo: Desiree Navarro/Getty Images
Photo: Desiree Navarro/Getty Images

Amazon has confirmed that Jeffrey Tambor is no longer a member of the cast of its Emmy-winning dramedy series Transparent. The network’s announcement comes after charges of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior were levied against the star, who stated back in November that he didn’t “see how I can return to Transparent” in light of the allegations. The actor later attempted to walk those statements back, stating that he had no intention of quitting, but the streaming service seems to have come to a definitive conclusion on his fate.

Tambor has been accused of sexually inappropriate behavior by two women associated with the show: his assistant, Van Barnes, and actress Trace Lysette, who plays Shea, a friend of Tambor’s character, Maura Pfefferman. Both women are trans, as are a number of staffers and performers on the series, including writer and producer Our Lady J, who issued a message of support for Tambor’s accusers back in November, stating, “We cannot let trans content be taken down by a single cis man.”

The show’s creator, Jill Soloway, issued their own statement on the decision today:

I have great respect and admiration for Van Barnes and Trace Lysette, whose courage in speaking out about their experience on Transparent is an example of the leadership this moment in our culture requires. We are grateful to the many trans people who have supported our vision for Transparent since its inception and remain heartbroken about the pain and mistrust their experience has generated in our community. We are taking definitive action to ensure our workplace respects the safety and dignity of every individual, and are taking steps to heal as a family.


The show is currently gearing up for its fifth season; Amazon has yet to state whether it will be receiving a sixth.

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Update: Tambor has now responded to Amazon’s decision and Soloway’s statement, blasting both in an anger-filled statement:

I am profoundly disappointed in Amazon’s handling of these false accusations against me. I am even more disappointed in Jill Soloway’s unfair characterization of me as someone who would ever cause harm to any of my fellow cast mates. In our four-year history of working together on this incredible show, these accusations have NEVER been revealed or discussed directly with me or anyone at Amazon. Therefore, I can only surmise that the investigation against me was deeply flawed and biased toward the toxic politicized atmosphere that afflicted our set. As I have consistently stated, I deeply regret if any action of mine was ever misinterpreted by anyone and I will continue to vehemently defend myself. I also deeply regret that this ground-breaking show, which changed so many lives, is now in jeopardy. That, to me, is the biggest heartbreak.

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