While the first teaser for American Reunion took the nation in its hand and gently tugged us toward the film’s release, in many ways the experience—especially as our feelings for the franchise had turned alien and numb after being slept on for so many years—was like being touched by a stranger. So here’s the full-bodied embrace of the first real trailer, which hopes to make a genuine connection this time. As the original American Pie cast reunites for their high school reunion, they get caught up in remembrances of things past—“Stifler’s mom,” flute jokes, Mena Suvari and Shannon Elizabeth. And much like an actual high school reunion, let’s pretend for argument’s sake, they find that their (admittedly short) time away hasn’t exactly changed things, as they once again seem to spend most of the film enjoying raucous parties and hitting on teenaged girls, which is funny and not creepy because Twilight joke. All this while Seann William Scott says things extra loudly, once again holding down and comically dry-humping your earholes, "just like old times."