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Unless you only trust information from sources that haven’t been dismissed as fake news by Donald Trump or one of his cronies, it should be reasonably clear that the great orange piece of shit isn’t a particularly well-liked president. For example, we just referred to him as a “great orange piece of shit,” and we literally didn’t think twice about writing out such a stupid insult. Of course, pretty much every president is at least somewhat unpopular, so a majority of Americans suggesting that he’s doing a bad job simply means the system—the bad, bad system—is working as intended. That being said, Trump is still significantly less popular at this point in his administration that any of the previous few presidents were.

That’s according to a Pew Research Center poll that covered Trump’s unpopularity from a lot of different angles, but the graph that compares his first year to everyone going back to Ronald Reagan is probably the most illuminating:

(Screenshot: Pew Research Center)

Clearly, Trump is more unpopular than any of these predecessors, though Bill Clinton’s 1993 summer was nearly as rough as Trump’s, possibly due to either a “suspicious” decision to fire some employees of the White House Travel Office or the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act Of 1993—both of which seem kind of quaint compared to Trump’s bad summer. Meanwhile, George Bush and his idiot son were apparently wildly popular in their first years, with W.’s huge uptick most likely having something to do with his post-9/11 response.

Pew also has a breakdown of presidential popularity by party, the results of which are mostly unsurprising. It turns out that Republicans really like Republicans, Democrats mostly like Democrats, and everybody was a big fan of everything George W. Bush did after 9/11.

(Screenshot: Pew Research Center)

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