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Trump hangs his failing report card on America's fridge

(Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

There are few politicians better at the game of lowered expectations than Donald Trump, a man who could take a shit on the floor of the Oval Office, then nudge some poor intern in the ribs and give a halfway-convincing “Pretty good, huh?” But even Trump may have pushed his penchant for calling a D- “good enough” too far this week, when his campaign proudly tweeted out an image suggesting his deep personal joy at the fact that only a little more than half of America thinks he’s doing terribly at his job.


And yeah, we get it—he’s the 45th president, 45 is his whole thing, screw those dumb old liberals anyway, fake news, MAGA, hashtag, etc. 45 percent is still objectively terrible as an approval rating, a clear message that only Trump’s die-hard supporters are still sticking around for his next round of economic bragging, foreign policy belligerence, and Senate judiciary hearings.. And the most galling thing is this: That proudly touted goose egg of a presidential golf score—pulled from a Politico piece— isn’t even especially accurate; a recent Pew poll suggests Trump’s approval is actually closer to 32, his lowest numbers yet.

But, then, you don’t get to be Donald Trump by letting a silly little thing like objective reality get in the way of talking about how great you choose to believe you actually are. So let’s hear it for America, folks: We’re Number 45! We’re Number 45! Whoo!

Jesus Christ.

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