(Photo: Getty Images, Tim P. Whitby)

A lot of big names in Hollywood can credit their success to financial support from Harvey Weinstein, but with the magnitude of allegations against Weinstein threatening to sink anyone and everyone associated with him, some of these big names are making an effort to jettison any connection they have to Weinstein. Last month, Kevin Smith announced that he’ll be donating all future residuals from the movies he made with Weinstein’s old studio Miramax to Women In Films—a nonprofit that supports female filmmakers. Now, inspired by Smith’s attempt to do something positive, Ben Affleck has announced that he’ll also be donating his Weinstein Company and Miramax residuals to charity.

This comes from Variety, which says Affleck has promised the money to either Film Independent (a nonprofit that helps indie filmmakers) or RAINN (the anti-sexual violence organization). He also explained that he “just didn’t want to cash any more checks from the guy” and wanted to follow Smith’s lead by using the money for good. Meanwhile, Affleck is facing some allegations of his own, with multiple women saying he groped them. He apologized for one of the incidents, and in another recent interview he said that he’s “looking at my own behavior and addressing that and making sure I’m part of the solution.”