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Beyonce's Mom Outlines Why You Shouldn't Buy Her Clothes

Not content with outfitting her daughter in countless sequins, and selling mink teddy bears and endless styles of gaucho pants online, Beyonce's mom has launched a new line of clothing called Miss Tina, aimed at the "forgotten woman", aka the woman who watches the Home Shopping Network.

Thankfully, HSN has put together a video that outlines precisely why no one, not even the woman who no one (except Beyonce's mom) has thought about in years, should buy her clothes:

Basically, you shouldn't buy them because they're everything that Beyonce's mom looks for in clothes, in other words, gaudy reds, giant capes, miscellaneous gold crests printed on every available inch, and more animal print than the Serengeti.

Still, she has never been more excited about anything than she has about Miss Tina! Can't you feel the excitement in that droning R&B; hook in the background? And who can blame her? She's found a way to make sure the forgotten woman will never be forgotten again: cover her in as many gold accessories, giant sweaters, and tacky handbags as possible until she looks like a walking pile of cast-offs you would find in an alley behind Claire's boutique.