Here’s some reassurance for anyone worried that 13 years and a new director might have taken some of the venom out of the Bad Santa movies: a new trailer for the upcoming Bad Santa 2 that thoroughly earns its red band status. Featuring stars Billy Bob Thornton, Tony Cox, and Brett Kelly—all returning from the first movie—and adding in Kathy Bates and Christina Hendricks, the promo is just as foul-mouthed, if not moreso, than Tony Zwigoff’s 2003 original.

Featuring, in no particular order, Thornton’s character punching his mom in the face, a felching reference, and some incredibly graphic references to female anatomy, the trailer sees director Mark Waters traveling far afield from the worlds of Mean Girls or Freaky Friday. You can see the yuletide depravity for yourself up above, or just wait until November 23, when Bad Santa 2 will cheerfully invite the entire movie-going world to suck its fucking dick.