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Black Dynamite is back, baby

(Screenshot: Official Black Dynamite/YouTube)

Prepare yourselves, you jive motherfuckers: Black Dynamite is coming back. That’s the takeaway, anyway, from a recent video posted by martial artist and actor Michael Jai White on Twitter, suggesting that he’s getting ready to resurrect his smooth talking, hard-kicking blaxploitation parody protagonist for another live-action outing.


2009's Black Dynamite was a welcome surprise, with White and director Scott Sanders wringing a lot of very silly laughs out of their send-up of classic ’70s action tropes. The film was followed by an animated series on Adult Swim, with White reprising his role as the world’s greatest former CIA agent/Vietnam vet/resident badass. Now, Black Dynamite is coming back in person, and while we don’t yet know what form, exactly, that return will take, the teaser trailer does promise it’ll happen some time this year.

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