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Easing right into his new role as Hollywood’s go-to guy for affably evil older white dudes, Bradley Whitford has been announced as the latest cast addition to Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale. Whitford will play Commander Joseph Lawrence, a major member of the totalitarian and misogynistic government of Gilead; specifically, he’s the head of its economic strategies. You don’t hire Bradley Whitford—lately of The Post and, most relevantly here, Get Out—for a character who’s just a one-note monster, though; Lawrence is being described as a man whose “sly humor and flashes of kindness make him a confusing, mysterious presence for his newest Handmaid.”

The Elisabeth Moss-starring streaming series is coming off of an incredibly successful first year; the series won five Emmys for its first season, including Outstanding Drama Series. It returns to Hulu on April 25.


[via Deadline]