As is the case when it comes to other tiny details from Captain Marvel related images, the internet examined every pixel of the picture to see if there was anything special hidden within. Bypassing the enormous, copy and pasted “ROCK THE VOTE” posters, Reddit user “anilsoi11" zoomed in on the booth to find a phone number, which they soon learned used to be used in ABC shows, like The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody. Eager to dial the number to hear what superhero news it contains now, anilsoi11 must have assumed it held great secrets—valuable new information on the movie or a fun little Easter egg from the Marvel universe.

As they soon reported back, it was not either of these things.

“*edit* DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER!!, Many people have tried and confirmed that it is now a Phone sex line!

Can anyone in The US call this number? It used to say “ “Thank you for calling ABC. The number you have reached is a fictional, non-working number used for motion picture and television productions.” It might change now for Captain Marvel?”


Apparently the number now leads to a pre-recorded message welcoming callers to “America’s hottest talk line.” What a wild Easter egg! Imagine, a phone number that promises conversations with “hot ladies” and “interesting and exciting guys!”

While this is most definitely not an intended part of the Captain Marvel promo roll-out, it does fit in rather nicely with a movie whose trailer embraces nostalgia with a prominently featured Blockbuster store. After all, what’s more retro than phone sex lines?

[via Daily Dot]

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