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Though director Kimberly Peirce has taken pains to say that her Carrie is less a remake of Brian de Palma’s film than “retelling” of Stephen King’s novel, the trailer actually does little to disassociate itself from the former. All the familiar touchstones are there—the tampon-pelting in the shower, the bucket of blood at the prom, “They’re all gonna laugh you,” etc.—with the major differences seeming to be all the iPhones at the ready to document Carrie’s humiliations and the dismaying absence of any tuxedo T-shirts. Still, provided you can look past the similarities, and suspend your disbelief that Chloe Moretz would ever be a total outcast just because her hair could use a combing, this new Carrie promises to hew more faithfully to the book’s depiction of her powers, with all the extra carnage that implies. Also, we assume all dirty pillows are CGI now.


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