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Carrie Brownstein is making a pilot based on her life for Hulu

Photo: Vincent Sandoval/Getty Images

If Carrie Brownstein were to retire today, she’d leave behind the legacy of several different artistic careers: First as a vital part of the Pacific Northwest feminist punk scene as a member of Excuse 17, then as an internationally famous rock star with Sleater-Kinney, and then as a successful comedienne, actress, writer, and director who won a Peabody Award for her work on Portlandia and is currently directing her first feature film, Fairy Godmother. All in all, an impressive resume.

Hulu thinks so, too, and has ordered a half-hour pilot, Search And Destroy, based on Brownstein’s life. Deadline reports that the show will concentrate on her early years as a scrappy young punk rocker making ‘zines and taking names in the Pacific Northwest in the ‘90s, describing it as “a show about a young woman, a band, and a community learning how to be unafraid of their own noise.” The show will draw material from Brownstein’s memoir Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girlwhich we gave an “A” here at The A.V. Club—as well as other recollections of the period.


No release date has been set for Search And Destroy, but Brownstein has come on board to write and direct the pilot.

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