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CBS has now reached the Magnum P.I. and Cagney & Lacey stage of its TV reboot addiction

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Like a depressed shut-in, drowning their anxieties in the muted pleasures of an endless series of ’80s reruns, CBS only wants to watch Magnum P.I. and Cagney And Lacey right now. This is per Variety, which reports that the network announced today that it was ordering pilots for series reboots of both of the classic TV dramas, which both ran for multiple seasons in the mid-1980s.

We first caught wind of the Magnum reboot last year, with Peter Lenkov—whose other recent credits include semi-successful TV dumpster dives like Hawaii Five-0 and MacGyverbringing everybody’s favorite mustachioed former-Navy SEAL back to Hawaii, and TV. Cagney & Lacey, meanwhile, comes courtesy of Westworld producer Bridget Carpenter, who hopefully won’t have to work quite as hard as the show’s original producers—who faced multiple recastings, and even an outright cancellation—to help the female-led cop show find its sea legs. (Speaking of women in uniform, CBS also ordered a pilot for Chiefs, about three women in charge of individual police precincts in L.A. County.) 


On the comedy side, meanwhile, Big Bang Theory alum Jim Reynolds has a new show about “the nicest guy in the Midwest” moving to a tough L.A. neighborhood, titled Here Comes The Neighborhood. There’s also Fam., about a young woman whose dreams of a better life are dragged down by her dirtbag family, and the deceptively titled Pandas In New York, about a family of Indian-American doctors meddling in their son’s life, and not the adorable zoo footage we have to admit that we were kind of hoping to see.

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