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Prime your moustaches: They're rebooting Magnum P.I. again

(Photo: Silver Screen Collection/Archive Photos/Getty Images)

As we speak, actors around Hollywood are presumably priming and grooming their upper lips, as Variety reports that the TV gods have decreed that it’s once again time to try to bring Magnum P.I. back to life. This new take on the military-vet-turned-Hawaii-detective series is a separate project from ABC’s failed bid to put together a female-led sequel series last year, and is being masterminded by Hawaii Five-0 and MacGyver resurrector Peter Lenkov.

Tom Selleck played the part of Thomas Magnum for eight seasons on CBS in the ’80s, accompanied by a snooty John Hillerman and one of the most kick-ass theme songs on TV. Lenkov has done good business bringing back old shows for CBS; despite a few public relations hiccups and a generally unenthusiastic critical response, both Hawaii Five-0 and MacGyver have been modest successes for the network.

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