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Here, have a trailer that's nothing but baby pandas goofing around and being wonderful

Warner Bros. released a trailer for a new nature documentary this afternoon, one that raises a question that could shake all of Hollywood to its very roots: Given all of the movies that come out every year, why are so few of them about baby pandas gently dorking around?

Thankfully, the upcoming Pandas—out April 6—is here to blow that conundrum out of the water, by offering up exactly what it says it will: a bunch of monochromatic baby goofballs, cuddling, falling in water, and absolutely refusing to engage in any of those violent, kung-fu-based struggles so beloved by their Jack Black-played brethren. Also, it’ll be in IMAX, so that you can fully immerse yourself in every wonderfully goofy moment.


Wait, why are you still here? Baby pandas! In the YouTube player, right up there! Go go go go go!

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